If You Give a Girl a Chalkboard…


If you give a girl a chalkboard, she’s going to want a chalk ledge to go with it. But, I didn’t have one. At least I didn’t think I did until I discovered a not-so-obvious solution in my kitchen. I considered using a strip of wood as a ledge, but I didn’t have the right […]

The Day CORT Came Calling


This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class. After browsing through my favorite home decor blogs or poring over Pinterest perfect rooms online, I typically respond in one of two ways: either motivated by the inspiration and hopping into action no matter the hour, or with […]

The Invitation of a Three Dollar Carafe


It was as if the gift cards gave me permission to fill my cart with all the items I’d deemed too frivolous in the past. “I can get by without new t-shirts.” “I can’t afford this chalkboard right now.” “I don’t really need this carafe,” I would reason with myself. But this time was different and 2 t-shirts […]

Just Add You

fall living room tour shoes closeup

No time for self-care? Well, that’s about to change… Imagine yourself lingering at the breakfast table, soaking in the sunshine as you savor a cup of hot tea, still wearing the robe you slipped into after taking a long, warm bath. Now, put yourself in this scenario. Several years ago, the year I quit teaching, I’d ignored the inner voice that […]

9 Habits of a Successful Homemaker

thriftbooks bedroom

Reasons not to do the housework. We all have them. “I don’t have time.” “I don’t mind the clutter.” “It’s too hard to keep the house clean with little children.” “I hate cleaning.” “A clean home is not really that important.” The truth is that those reasons are just excuses in disguise, and excuses will […]

Menu Planning Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps

chalkboard easel menu board

There are three things that make me feel like a successful homemaker: making my bed cooking dinner and keeping a tidy home. I’ll share my secrets to keeping a tidy home next week. Today, we’re going to talk about what it takes to get dinner on the table, meal planning. As I thought through the way […]

The Household Routine That Will Simplify Your Whole Week


I’ve discovered something about myself…it’s not Fall I dread, it’s Back to School.  T.V commercials and advertisements start announcing Back to School in July, just when I’ve settled comfortably into my favorite season. And they lump it together with Fall. This makes me anxious, very anxious. Despite all of the distractions, I do my darndest to finish Summer […]

The Redemption of Summer


The Reunion Finally wearing the maxi dress that had hung unworn, tags and all, in my closet for years, I slipped into the passenger seat of our beat up car and headed to Pine Hall at Amber Springs where my thirty year high school reunion was being held. Earlier that day, I’d gone to the hall to fill vases with flowers, […]

Three Birthday Wishes


Today is my birthday. And forty eight is catching me by surprise, especially since I feel 19ish. Mentally. Sometimes my body feels 60ish, so I guess 48 is about right. Anyway, all I want for my birthday this year is a birthday cake. Growing up, mom made us a box mix cake, from the flavor of our […]

My 6 Dollar Secret to Success

successful home tour my book

“I love supporting people’s dreams,” I shared with Nicole as I told her I wanted to visit her friend’s new restaurant. I think that supporting-people’s-dreams seed was sown twenty-three years ago on my drive to work each morning. I would look over at the drivers sitting next to me at the red light and notice what seemed like a […]

When Life Changes in an Instant

daddy's boog

Today is my Dad’s 67th birthday. Normally, my family would hold one celebration for all of the July birthdays in the family, but this year we’re breaking tradition. Dad has been in the hospital since suffering a severe stroke on Saturday, June 25th. And just two days ago, after what seemed like an eternity to […]

The Good Stuff of Summer

patriotic tablescape 11

It’s when Summer settles in and the days grow long that the simple comforts of home take center stage; becoming the soundtrack and setting of our everyday lives. Like the roar of the ocean or the splash of a pool followed by the feel of fresh, fluffy towels against your skin. The anticipation of the next big holiday […]

Creating the Perfect Living Room Arrangement

living room arrangment two chairs

Right around Easter time, I had rearranged my living room one “last” time and anxiously awaited my family’s reactions to my new living room arrangement as they arrived for Easter dinner. “I like your new arrangement. It looks like a real family room,” My sister said. “I like your shelf arrangement,” Dad told me after studying […]

Family Command Center Organization

command center pens and chalkboard

Do you know how many times I’ve emptied the command center with hopes of fixing what wasn’t working? At least a handful, probably more. There was the time that I didn’t want a clunky old desktop computer and printer taking up all of the desk space, but the printer never found a home. And the time that […]

DIY Potting Bench, Toy Box Not Included

potting bench 2

I’m a sucker for sentimental home decor. In fact, a lot of my furniture was passed down to me from family which I’ve enjoyed reusing and repurposing in my own home. One such piece was my husband’s childhood toy box. When Matt’s Dad offered it to me, I gladly took it. It has served us as kitchen […]

Happy Mother’s Day

occasional tables sofa rose

This past week I found myself rethinking our Mother’s Day celebration. While I am very much looking forward to our annual beach day, I thought about going a day early and then spending Sunday showering my daughter with gratitude by making her favorite dinner, writing her a letter or giving her a gift…just because. And when Hannah asked me […]

9 Ways to Display Apple Vase Filler

summer decor 14

Buying the five dollar bag of apple vase filler from Walmart was one of the smartest home décor purchases I’ve ever made. That was several years ago. Since then, the apples have proven to be so versatile making them a year-round favorite in my home. In fact, this past winter was the first time they were […]

The Little Green Skirt That Could


In order to appreciate just how much my new green skirt can do, you need to hear the back story. You see, I wasn’t planning on buying new clothes that day. I’d gone to pick up my prescription and grab a couple of food items for dinner and that’s all. Everything was going according to plan […]

7 Tips for Creating A Successful Household Routine

mrs meyers clean day

I grew a little emotional this past weekend as I grieved over the hobbies and activities that I no longer have the physical ability to pursue. I miss gardening. I am eager to pick up my paint brush. I wish that I could keep up with my household routine and that I had the energy to complete […]

How to Make Decorating Decisions: My Secrets Revealed

decorating decisions featured image

As I assessed our master bathroom, I realized that we don’t have a place to put a towel within easy reach for when we get out of the bath or shower. Well, we use the ledge on the wall between the bath and shower, but I want a more practical (and pretty) solution. While trying […]

7 Tips for Creating a Practical AND Pretty Kitchen

Worth Image 10

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler. All opinions are 100% mine. As I have been going about assessing the purpose and practicality of my home, I’ve discovered that you really can have a room that is both practical and pretty. For me, that meant breaking one of my own […]

The Hines House Returns to Fresh Step®

Fresh Step blackie laying on side

This post brought to you by Fresh Step at Target. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class. We love our cat, Blackie. He might even be a little bit spoiled. We get a kick out of all of his typical cat behaviors like being a scaredy cat, using up some […]

What Alice Forgot: A Book Review

thriftbooks what alice forgot closeup

What Alice Forgot sat on a table in my bedroom for months, and every time I passed by that table I would think, “I need to read that book.” I had heard good things about it and loved the other Liane Moriarty books I’ve read, so I was really looking forward to diving in. Book […]

My New and Improved Morning Routine

thriftbooks bedroom

“Wash face and take care of skin” has been one of my New Year’s resolutions for several years running now, but with no success. This year was suffering the same fate until I asked myself why…     Tip: be a student of your natural habits and routines.   I realized that part of my […]

The Thing About Cleaning the Bathroom

cleaning the bathroom sink

I had taken the time to put on makeup, and style my hair (including wash and blow dry!) and really was feeling too pretty to clean my bathroom, but I am trying to establish a routine, so I pressed on. After all that bending and climbing (in and out of the tub and on to […]

The Last Piece of Cheese

winter blues living room rose

I was laying on the stretcher answering the nurse’s questions: “When did the pain start? After dinner? What did you have for dinner? ” “A nasty-a$$, cold hamburger at the high school during my daughter’s track meet,” I answered. I thought she would smile at my candor. She didn’t. And the burger in and of […]

Plates on the Wall and the Rest of the Living Room Makeover

winter blues living room feature

I never, ever thought I’d be one to hang plates on the wall. I’ve found plenty of other uses for old dishes which I’m sharing at Sweet Tea & Saving Grace today, but to use them as art… until one day um, see, what had happened was (who knows that reference?) I was looking for a way […]

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Home Decor for Winter

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Home featured

I think this might be the first January of all the Januarys that I haven’t sat around dwelling on the fact that it is January…my least favorite month of the year. I’m not sure why that is. I think maybe I’ve just been too preoccupied with goal setting and doctor appointments and organizing and decorating […]

His and Hers Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Master Bath Cabinet Organization

I took a little bit of a different approach to organizing our bathroom cabinets this time around. While I did sort like things together, I separated them by use as well as taking into account our individual organizing personalities to create a His and Hers Bathroom Cabinet Organization system. Mr. Hines likes to keep his […]

The Secret to Your Success

life the life quote by me

Sooo, right about this time of year, I start to hear rumblings of overwhelm and frustration over those New Year’s goals that everyone was so excited about just a few short weeks ago. But success doesn’t have to be elusive. I’m here to tell you that you can do it! And to ask you to please […]

Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Home Tour

Christmas tour 2015 - front door open

Whether it’s the final seconds of a game, the days until vacation, or how many “sleeps” before opening the presents under the tree, countdowns bring about excitement, joy, and anticipation… as you’ll see in this year’s Christmas Home Tour. The Foyer The reason that we don’t consider our decorating done until we find the perfect […]

7 Style Tips for Decking the Halls With Boughs of Green

wreaths with fruit

Styling is one of my favorite pastimes, so every year for Christmas I like to create new color palettes and display my holiday decor in fun new ways. Last years’ Christmas decor was very festive with touches of Christmas covering nearly every surface of my home. This year, I’m taking a simpler approach by creating […]

Style Tip: How to Make Layered Ribbon Garland

At home gold and green pinecone ribbon

Layering, in my opinion, adds the wow factor to home decor, even Christmas decor. Take my ribbon garland for instance.   I’ve been using a single ribbon for years and always felt it didn’t quite make the statement that I was hoping for. So, this year I bought more ribbon so that I could create […]

My Christmas Color Palette Inspiration

At home blue ball focus

This post brought to you by At Home. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class.   Although I typically wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating, I start planning my holiday decor before then to decide on focal points, color palettes and themes. As usual, this year’s decor is inspired by the woodland area […]

7 Tips for Creating A Stylish Thanksgiving Table

dining room centerpiece after

Where do you fall on the great dining room debate? I personally could never not have a dining room. Now, I understand feeling like it is wasted space. In fact, that is why we use our dining room as a study on a day-to-day basis. Then, on occasions when we entertain I simply turn this make […]