Show & Tell – Resources to Help You Create Your Ideal Home and Life

Welcome back to Show & Tell where I share resources that will help you create your ideal home and life. I’ve got quite a few for you today, so let’s jump right in. Lifestyle Life – It was 2:00 a.m. when we pulled up in front of our house after a whirlwind trip to NYC. […]

A Living Room Makeover: The Reveal and My Decorator Secrets

Every time I rearranged the living room, I would sit in my newly rearranged space to enjoy the latest living room makeover. And every time, there was this deep down knowing that I didn’t love it; that something wasn’t quite right. So, I’d spend the next several days, weeks and sometime months trying to pinpoint […]

Show & Tell Saturday

Today’s Show & Tell Saturday is inspired by Emily’s post called What’s Saving Me Right Now. The idea behind her post is to focus on what we’re grateful for instead of what’s stressing us out. When I stopped to think about what I’ve been grateful for lately, I was reminded of the things that have inspired me, awakened my creativity […]

Show & Tell Saturday

I recently started a LIVE version of Show & Tell on our Facebook Page and decided I want to start Show & Tell on the blog, too. What? You’re not are part of the Facebook community yet? You should be. You get Live coaching from me, inspiration from around the web, and live interaction with […]

3 Simple Ways to Calm the Chaos in Your Life

As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t get over how relaxed I felt, and how the relaxed state of my body allowed my mind to also relax, which was such a stark contrast to the feelings of anxiety I’d recorded just a couple of days prior. I’m just so distracted by life…my Dad and his slow […]

How Many Sheet and Towel Sets Should You Have?

It was 5:30 this morning, and I was trying to fall back to sleep after  a restroom break. But I was distracted by an onion-y smell. Then I realized, “that’s my sheets!” I started trying to think back and remember the last time I washed our sheets. I didn’t think it had been all that long […]

A Merry and Bright Christmas Home Tour

When I set out to decorate my home for Christmas I had three requirements: It had to be festive, it had to be elegant, and it had to accommodate my Dad So, I pulled out all of my old Christmas decor, set a $30 limit on new purchases and got to work. Foyer I wanted the […]

An Important Lesson on Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree

I dreaded putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I feel this way every year. Then, I finally pull it out of the box and assemble it, admiring the simple beauty of a lighted tree. And think “this year, I’m going to leave the tree that way.” Then, I don’t. I do enjoy unwrapping each ornament and reliving […]

17 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Remember how exciting it was to check the mail when you were a kid?  I got to relive a little of that feeling yesterday with my daughter. She was so excited to discover our first Christmas cards in the mail.  And I have to admit, I was just as excited. I had secretly been looking forward to […]

How to Freshen Your Christmas Decor

As I opened boxes and unpacked my Christmas decorations the other day, I faced the familiar challenge of making the same cheap garland and those old, faded ornaments I’ve had for years look fresh. But excitement rose up within me and inspiration took over as I started creating the scenes I’d been planning for the past few weeks. I got carried away and […]

Cyber Monday Picks You’ll Love

My inbox is filled with Cyber Monday offers, most of which I won’t open much less take advantage of. It’s just too much to take in all at once. But I did take some time to browse through some of my favorite stores in search of share worthy deals; products I use or recommend at affordable prices. Whether you are […]

He Calls Me By Name

Every year as we enter into Advent season and prepare our hearts for Christmas, I say a little prayer. Nothing long, nothing fancy, just a simple prayer. Several weeks ago, as the movie credits were rolling, I took my cell phone out of my purse to check for messages when I discovered this text from […]

Dear Krista: An Open Letter to My Niece

Dear Krista, Your first bridal shower, and the first in our family out of the grandkids, is today. Usually at bridal showers, there are blank cards for guests to share advice with the bride. Since I cannot be there today, consider this letter my card from the shower… I’ve always been so proud to call you […]

A Holiday Gift Guide for {Almost} Everyone on Your List

I used to spend the week of Thanksgiving racing the clock to put up all of my Christmas decor by Thanksgiving day. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, I’d run around like a mad women on a mission to scratch gifts for everyone off the list. All in the name of finishing early so I could enjoy the […]