Clever Picture Hanging Tip for Double Hook Frames

picture hanging tip hang on the wall

I use to avoid frames with double hanging hooks at all costs because...crooked art every single time.  Then, I'd raise or lower one side, step back and look. Still crooked. I'd do this over and over until I gave up in frustration and settled for almost straight. But, not anymore. Once I discovered this clever picture hanging tip, it … [Read more...]

Potting Bench Plans

serving cart plans 1

I don't know why, but I thought that this was going to be the Summer for projects. It's not. Instead, I've been taking it easy: lounging, movie watching, reading, visiting friends and family and spending time with my daughter who now has her driver's license by the way. I have done a little furniture rearranging and picture hanging and … [Read more...]

DIY Accent Chair Reupholster and Chalky Paint Makeover

accent chair remove staples 2

When I saw the outdated chair listed in an online selling group, I saw past the orange toned wood and blue moire fabric to the lovely shape and lines. And, I knew that a little paint and new fabric would take care of the rest. So, I met the owner, loaded the chair into the backseat, and brought it home. That was last summer. After we got our … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

mannered gold and gray

Have you ever been clothes shopping, finally narrowing down your selection to a few outfits that look great...but you just can't decide? So, you try them all on again. And, one more time just to make sure, twirling around in the mirror and taking note of what each outfit says about you. Soft and pretty.   Sexy and … [Read more...]

diy floral arrangements

diy floral arrangements / rose buds /

Before I burnt the spaghetti sauce, and before my guests were greeted by my unshowered, mascara smeared, paint-covered sweatshirt and cut-off jeans self,  there was this moment... a beautiful, garden-inspired moment, kindred to Thelma A. Meyer, the inspiration behind Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®  who I'm proud to partner with … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Throw Pillows


Indecision.  When it comes to home decor, I am sometimes plagued by indecision; spending hours, days, even weeks trying to decide. What if I don't like it? What if I change my mind? The fear of making a mistake is bigger in our minds than it is in reality. Choosing pillow fabric from Online Fabric Source was no exception. If you … [Read more...]

200+ Ways to Paint Anything

desk after 2

Yesterday, we left off with a pile of clutter and 4 boxes. As you sort through your belongings, ask yourself these questions:   1) Can I use this in another room? 2) Can this be repurposed? 3) Would I like it better painted?   You would be amazed at how a little paint can transform just about … [Read more...]

Desk Chair Makeover, Inspired by Ballard Designs

desk chair 2

    It was just a plain, basic desk chair.  Gray and drab. It wasn't quite what I had in mind, but it served a purpose.  So, I kept it. At some point, I decided to put a green pillow case over the chair back to make it look more colorful. When that didn't work, I tossed some fabric over the chair for a while, intending to … [Read more...]

best of DIY link party: diy curtain rod and no sew valance

diy curtain rod 3

  DIY... is a way of life. It's born out of a need to create,   and is a necessary means to an end.     Which is why I often find myself inventing things, this  DIY Mirrored Nightstand being one of my latest projects.   You learn to improvise, and use what you have.   Like using eye … [Read more...]

how to: color wash with chalky finish paint

stools before 2

  This post is sponsored by Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint.  All opinions about mysterious garages and little, yellow stools are completely my own.    When I was little, Nonna's garage was mysterious and unknown.  I knew that she ran her antique and junk shop out of her garage and that eventually, she bought a shop and moved … [Read more...]

french coastal decor: a table makeover

kitchen table makeover 3

  "Do you like this," I asked my daughter as I ran my hand across the kitchen table. "Yeah, I do," she answered. "Does it look like beachy, weathered wood to you," I wanted to know. "No. To me, it looks like old, french furniture."   On the inside my heart was smiling so big, wondering how she knows what old, french … [Read more...]

From Discarded to Divine: a DIY Mirrored Nightstand

mirrored nightstand 8

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.   Remember the nightstand that never quite had a home?  The one that is part of the same bedroom suite as the dresser turned media console? It had a brief life as a media console, then a printer stand, until I … [Read more...]

an important lesson in furniture painting

armoire 3

  I would get so nervous before a softball game that I'd pray for a rain out, but the rain didn't come.  So there I was, suited up and standing on the field as the umpire yelled, "play ball!" Fast forward to this week, the gray clouds were looming in the sky, and once again, I hoped for a rain out. I have never painted furniture for … [Read more...]

fortunatley, unfortunately: a teen bedroom makeover

hannah's room 5

  Stages. Everything in our house is done in stages, spread very far apart.  And so it goes with this teen bedroom makeover. Fortunately, we chose new paint colors, and, unfortunately, painted big sample squares on the wall that we stared at for weeks. Fortunately, we bought a full-sized mattress to replace the twin. … [Read more...]

it was just right: the tale of a furniture makeover

blue dresser

  It's been four years since I first saw the image of the blue bench in Veranda magazine. It was love at first sight, and I've been looking for just the right piece to paint ever since. I first tried painting my husband's childhood toy box with  some leftover blue paint in my garage, but it was too light. Then I painted an accent … [Read more...]

simple tips to refresh your home for spring


Thank you to DecoArt for sponsoring this post.     As the days grow longer and the air turns warmer, I've found myself nesting: flitting around the house fluffing pillows,     tucking apples into a vase,   setting the birdcage in the foyer,   giving the ceramic bird a new home on the … [Read more...]

oh the places you’ll go: diy subway art

subway art

Paris Italy Germany, Ireland, Spain... They are all on my list of places to go. Just so happens, that my daughter has the same list.  Never doubt the influence you have on your kids...even as teenagers.         So when my daughter and I saw this subway art stencil in Michael's the other day, we knew it would … [Read more...]

DIY built-in bookcases

dining room bookcase

I was on a mission to get my husband's and daughter's school books off of my dining room table. The bookcases would have to be more than 12 inches deep. And I wanted a built-in look without the built-in price. I set my budget for $60 and then searched the online classifieds. It took a few months before I finally found what I was … [Read more...]

black is the new black: a furniture makeover

black bookcase4

  Dad studied the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs coloring sheet that I'd colored earlier that day. "Look at how she colored in the lines," Mom said.    "And the colors she chose," mom continued. My parents were so proud.  Dad had one pointer though, "The only thing that would have made it better is if you'd outlined everything in … [Read more...]

15+ Amazing Furniture Makeovers


I don't know about you, but December 26th is the day all of the Christmas decor comes down.  It used to be that I thought my house felt so bare afterwards, but now I welcome the clean slate.  Well, empty slate would be more accurate since the house isn't clean. Either way, it's a chance for a fresh start. Speaking of fresh starts, today some of … [Read more...]

Sensibly Chic: Coffee Table Makeover


It finally happened! The coffee table makeover that has been two years in the waiting, finally happened. First it was indecision... paint it? keep it? sell it? I originally bought it to fix up and sell. But in one of my midnight decorating frenzies, I brought it in from the garage...just to test it out in the living room. It's been back … [Read more...]

How To: paint furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

ascp collage 3

Not only did I break out of my comfort zone by painting my mom's dresser, but I tried a new-to-me paint; chalk paint. I've heard so much about it over the past couple of years and was intrigued by the idea of no sanding or priming, my least favorite things about painting furniture.   So today, I'm going to show you how to paint furniture with … [Read more...]

the cinderella project: a tale of a furniture makeover

painted console 3

I loved the maple wood, but I could just see the dresser painted. I could see how beautiful it would be: how a coat of paint would not only transform the tired, old dresser, but the living room too.  So, with careful consideration I chose Annie Sloan's Chateau Gray. After two coats of paint, I decided to take a break and look up the history … [Read more...]

choosing the right paint color for furniture

fall living room 11

I spent the afternoon with my Mom yesterday, which is always a nice treat.  Once we got home,  I walked her through the house and shared my ideas with her.  And, we talked about my plans for the living room.   As I mentioned the other day, sometimes I get stuck from indecision.  So, I often rely on my mom's eye for design to help me make … [Read more...]

Creative Wall Art for less

designer bag art

  Hey Friends! I have some exciting news to share with you.  I've been keeping this under wraps for months now, and am so thrilled to be able to finally reveal that I was filmed for a DIY segment with ABC. If you are visiting from Live Well Network/ ABC, WELCOME!   ABC came to my house this past Spring, set up their cameras, … [Read more...]

How to Remove Wall Anchors and Patch Holes

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 10.56.08 AM

It was long overdue, but I finally went through the house and pulled out the wall anchors that had been left behind after removing pictures and towel bars and the like.   I used to just tap them into the wall as is.  But, sometimes the heads on the anchors made a big hole.   After a little research, I learned the trick for … [Read more...]

DIY Fern and Moss Terrarium

Hello friends!  I'm so excited to introduce you to a special guest.  Her blog  is filled with  creativity and inspiration.  The more I delved into her writing, the more I thought, "She's a perfect fit for Mrs. Hines' Class."    So, I asked her to be a monthly contributor. And if you like terrariums, you're going to love her tutorial for a DIY … [Read more...]

120 clever new uses for old things


  I'm a sucker for sentimental value. So, it makes my heart happy when someone is able to find a new use for an old thing. It was love at first sight when I saw this charming ship helm turned into a front door wreath. Buy you a drink?    This trendy little outdoor bar had a former life as a sewing table.   So many vintage treasures … [Read more...]

DIY Boxwood Topiary


I'm inspired by nature. It calms me.  Maybe it's the tranquil blues and greens, or the singing of birds, or the surprise of seeing fireflies dart through the trees. So magical! I find that bringing those natural elements indoors provides a soothing atmosphere in my  home as well. I think that is why I'm so drawn to the preserved boxwood … [Read more...]

DIY painter’s tips


Everyone has to start somewhere.  I remember the first time that I picked up a paint roller.  As I rolled the soft lavender paint over  my then two-year-old little girl's new bedroom, I was amazed at how simple it was.  My confidence grew with each purple patch of wall that was completed. Since that day, twelve years ago, I've painted lots of … [Read more...]

how to install a light fixture

home decor, DIY, Lamps Plus, decorative lighting, pendant light, light fixture

I waited two looonnng weeks before we installed the new Possini White Flower light fixture from Lamps Plus in the teen lounge.   I had a general knowledge of how to install a light fixture, but I didn't have the confidence to do it myself.   So, we asked a friend for some help. Be sure to turn off the light switch, as well as the … [Read more...]

the diy life

upcycle, DIY, home organization, frugal living

They say never to judge a book by its cover.  But I did.  I saw the title of Cristin Frank's new book, "Living Simple, Free & Happy" and jumped at the chance to be a part of the virtual book tour. The title of the book piqued my curiosity.  I was both intrigued and cautious.  What would I find on the pages underneath that … [Read more...]

9 budget friendly solutions for bare walls

DIY, home decor, art, gallery wall, printables, images, photography, children's art, pictures

Our first home had nothing on the walls, largely because the budget didn't allow for it.   I have since learned that art doesn't have to break the bank.  Today, I'll share some tips I've learned along the way for creating DIY art at little or no cost.     ~Get the Pottery Barn look by taking photographs of … [Read more...]

sew fashionable: a refashioned t-shirt

fashion, clothes, sew, refashion, outfit

Today, I thought I'd give my husband a little treat and actually get dressed for the day. Now, down here, getting dressed is the whole nine yards: hair styled, full makeup on and fashionable outfit. With the cool front, I found myself lacking lightweight, long-sleeve options. Then, I remembered a cute refashioned t-shirt that I saw at Chic … [Read more...]

how to turn a sheet set into curtains

curtains, sheet set, no sew, valance, roman shade, panels, french country, breakfast room, window treatment

Scene 1: why purple? Looking at the breakfast room window my daughter asked, "Mom, is that my sheet?"  "Um, yes.  It is. What do you think of the purple?  Is it too dark?" I hesitated to ask. "Why purple, Mom?  What does it go with?" "Nothing.  I was just trying it out." Scene 2: Daughter exits for school and I'm left alone with my … [Read more...]