A Living Room Makeover: The Reveal and My Decorator Secrets

Every time I rearranged the living room, I would sit in my newly rearranged space to enjoy the latest living room makeover. And every time, there was this deep down knowing that I didn’t love it; that something wasn’t quite right. So, I’d spend the next several days, weeks and sometime months trying to pinpoint […]

A Merry and Bright Christmas Home Tour

When I set out to decorate my home for Christmas I had three requirements: It had to be festive, it had to be elegant, and it had to accommodate my Dad So, I pulled out all of my old Christmas decor, set a $30 limit on new purchases and got to work. Foyer I wanted the […]

An Important Lesson on Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree

I dreaded putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I feel this way every year. Then, I finally pull it out of the box and assemble it, admiring the simple beauty of a lighted tree. And think “this year, I’m going to leave the tree that way.” Then, I don’t. I do enjoy unwrapping each ornament and reliving […]

17 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Remember how exciting it was to check the mail when you were a kid?  I got to relive a little of that feeling yesterday with my daughter. She was so excited to discover our first Christmas cards in the mail.  And I have to admit, I was just as excited. I had secretly been looking forward to […]

How to Freshen Your Christmas Decor

As I opened boxes and unpacked my Christmas decorations the other day, I faced the familiar challenge of making the same cheap garland and those old, faded ornaments I’ve had for years look fresh. But excitement rose up within me and inspiration took over as I started creating the scenes I’d been planning for the past few weeks. I got carried away and […]

You’ve Got Skills: Learning to Trust Your Decorating Instincts

Form the couch, looking into the living room, I would question my Fall tablescape choices… Is blue and white Fallish enough? Blue and white is classic, I countered. Will people question my choice in color scheme? You shouldn’t care what others think I reminded myself. Then, the November issue of Southern Living arrived and wouldn’t  you […]

7 Ways to Decorate with Faux Sheepskin Rugs

I’d had my eye on sheepskin rugs for quite some time, but wasn’t sure I’d like one for myself. When I finally bought one on a whim, I was surprised at how many ways I found to use it. So many in fact, I want to buy two more. 7 Ways to Decorate with Faux Sheep Skin Rugs […]

Fall Decorating With a Thought-Provoking Twist

I have a different approach to Fall decorating; one that focuses on capturing the essence of the season like the feeling of security and comfort brought on by shorter days, familiar routines, and warm comfort food. The crisp air and falling leaves are my cue, sending me into full on nesting mode in an effort to add warmth and comfort to my home. I take […]

If You Give a Girl a Chalkboard…

If you give a girl a chalkboard, she’s going to want a chalk ledge to go with it. But, I didn’t have one. At least I didn’t think I did until I discovered a not-so-obvious solution in my kitchen. I considered using a strip of wood as a ledge, but I didn’t have the right […]

The Day CORT Came Calling: A Budget Friendly Furniture Resource

This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class. After browsing through my favorite home decor blogs or poring over Pinterest perfect rooms online, I typically respond in one of two ways: either motivated by the inspiration and hopping into action no matter the hour, or with […]

The Invitation of a Three Dollar Carafe

It was as if the gift cards gave me permission to fill my cart with all the items I’d deemed too frivolous in the past. “I can get by without new t-shirts.” “I can’t afford this chalkboard right now.” “I don’t really need this carafe,” I would reason with myself. But this time was different and 2 t-shirts […]

My 6 Dollar Secret to Success

“I love supporting people’s dreams,” I shared with Nicole as I told her I wanted to visit her friend’s new restaurant. I think that supporting-people’s-dreams seed was sown twenty-three years ago on my drive to work each morning. I would look over at the drivers sitting next to me at the red light and notice what seemed like a […]

Creating the Perfect Living Room Arrangement

Right around Easter time, I had rearranged my living room one “last” time and anxiously awaited my family’s reactions to my new living room arrangement as they arrived for Easter dinner. “I like your new arrangement. It looks like a real family room,” My sister said. “I like your shelf arrangement,” Dad told me after studying […]

DIY Potting Bench, Toy Box Not Included

I’m a sucker for sentimental home decor. In fact, a lot of my furniture was passed down to me from family which I’ve enjoyed reusing and repurposing in my own home. One such piece was my husband’s childhood toy box. When Matt’s Dad offered it to me, I gladly took it. It has served us as kitchen […]

9 Ways to Display Apple Vase Filler

Buying the five dollar bag of apple vase filler from Walmart was one of the smartest home décor purchases I’ve ever made. That was several years ago. Since then, the apples have proven to be so versatile making them a year-round favorite in my home. In fact, this past winter was the first time they were […]

How to Make Decorating Decisions: My Secrets Revealed

As I assessed our master bathroom, I realized that we don’t have a place to put a towel within easy reach for when we get out of the bath or shower. Well, we use the ledge on the wall between the bath and shower, but I want a more practical (and pretty) solution. While trying […]

Plates on the Wall and the Rest of the Living Room Makeover

I never, ever thought I’d be one to hang plates on the wall. I’ve found plenty of other uses for old dishes which I’m sharing at Sweet Tea & Saving Grace today, but to use them as art… until one day um, see, what had happened was (who knows that reference?) I was looking for a way […]

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Home Decor for Winter

I think this might be the first January of all the Januarys that I haven’t sat around dwelling on the fact that it is January…my least favorite month of the year. I’m not sure why that is. I think maybe I’ve just been too preoccupied with goal setting and doctor appointments and organizing and decorating […]

Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Home Tour

Whether it’s the final seconds of a game, the days until vacation, or how many “sleeps” before opening the presents under the tree, countdowns bring about excitement, joy, and anticipation… as you’ll see in this year’s Christmas Home Tour. The Foyer The reason that we don’t consider our decorating done until we find the perfect […]

7 Style Tips for Decking the Halls With Boughs of Green

Styling is one of my favorite pastimes, so every year for Christmas I like to create new color palettes and display my holiday decor in fun new ways. Last years’ Christmas decor was very festive with touches of Christmas covering nearly every surface of my home. This year, I’m taking a simpler approach by creating […]

Style Tip: How to Make Layered Ribbon Garland

Layering, in my opinion, adds the wow factor to home decor, even Christmas decor. Take my ribbon garland for instance.   I’ve been using a single ribbon for years and always felt it didn’t quite make the statement that I was hoping for. So, this year I bought more ribbon so that I could create […]

My Christmas Color Palette Inspiration

This post brought to you by At Home. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class.   Although I typically wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating, I start planning my holiday decor before then to decide on focal points, color palettes and themes. As usual, this year’s decor is inspired by the woodland area […]

7 Tips for Creating A Stylish Thanksgiving Table

Where do you fall on the great dining room debate? I personally could never not have a dining room. Now, I understand feeling like it is wasted space. In fact, that is why we use our dining room as a study on a day-to-day basis. Then, on occasions when we entertain I simply turn this make […]

A Farmhouse Style Cottage Tour

Today, I’m taking you on a tour of an adorable farmhouse style cottage that belongs to some old friends of mine. Ann and I played softball together in Junior High and she, her husband Kenny, and I all went to school together. We reconnected on Facebook a few years ago, and not too long after […]

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas, Pumpkins Not Required

As little {almost} two-year-old Addy reached her arm into the vase, trying to get to the dominoes, I realized that it was the first day of Fall and time to change the vase filler. As Addy played with the dominoes, her mother and I shared our Fall decorating ideas. I explained that I take a […]

4 Creative Ways to Display Art

Sometimes I’ll see a piece of art that I really love, but don’t buy it because I’m out of wall space. But, not all art has to be hung on the wall. You can use art to fill an empty corner of a room or to add interest to a bookcase. Some pieces look great […]

A “His & Hers” Living Room Makeover

I wanted a cozy seating area situated around the mantel, and he wanted a prime view for watching television. And after eight years of trying to create a furniture arrangement that accommodates our his and hers design styles, I think I finally got it right. Hers I know…I should have shown “His” first, but I […]

Simple Summer Vignettes

I cannot believe I’m about to say this… but, the other day as I rose from the couch and noted the Summer vignettes around the room, I had the fleeting thought that I might be ready to start decorating for Fall.   Me…the girl who holds a white-knuckled grip onto Summer until the first cool […]

Clever Picture Hanging Tip for Double Hook Frames

I use to avoid frames with double hanging hooks at all costs because…crooked art every single time.  Then, I’d raise or lower one side, step back and look. Still crooked. I’d do this over and over until I gave up in frustration and settled for almost straight. But, not anymore. Once I discovered this clever […]

Coastal Inspired Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

  Once upon a time, in a far away blogland, a girl dreamed of a laundry room makeover. She waited and waited…and waited some more, as she thought about paint colors and organization. And, one project at a time, she transformed the laundry room. She painted an old board and hung it above the laundry […]

20+ Easy Ideas for Vase Fillers

I do very little to change my decor seasonally; typically just switching out candles, vase fillers, accent pillows and throw blankets. But those small changes make a big impact in bringing the season into my home. So today, I wanted to share some easy ideas for vase fillers that you can use throughout the year. Many […]

Welcome Home – A Summer Home Tour

I welcomed my daughter home from the last day of school yesterday. We cheered when she walked through the back gate…celebrating a successful school year and summer vacation; a season of slowing down and taking time to enjoy some of our favorite things… like more blueberry cobbler on the front porch, lots of shrimp boils, […]

DIY Accent Chair Reupholster and Chalky Paint Makeover

When I saw the outdated chair listed in an online selling group, I saw past the orange toned wood and blue moire fabric to the lovely shape and lines. And, I knew that a little paint and new fabric would take care of the rest. So, I met the owner, loaded the chair into the […]

DIY French Wicker Laundry Basket

I hadn’t planned on it. I thought maybe I’d use the quiet of the night to write, or read. But, then I walked into the laundry room and decided that I couldn’t stand it any longer. So, at 12:30 a.m. I poured the laundry detergent, stain fighter, fabric softener and borax into the pretty glass […]