3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan

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Hi friends!  It's the 4th Monday of the month and that means that our Contributor, Laura from Inspiration for Moms, will be sharing with us today. Today she is sharing 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan. Hi Everyone! Mrs. Hines asked me if I would chat with you today about my meal planning technique. Of course, I had to say yes … [Read more...]

a simple tip to save on heating costs


Growing up my Dad owned and operated an air conditioning and heating company.   Words like   capacitor  and  fan motor   and   freon  were a part of the everyday lingo in my childhood home.   So the other day, when I couldn't find that just-right setting on the thermostat, I knew what to do.  I grabbed the ladder from the … [Read more...]

cheap wireless plan for the holidays

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      Did you catch that?  The "Wheel of Fortune" double phrase? Cheap Wireless Plan/Plan for the Holidays Here's the Cheap Wireless Plan part: Last month, in an effort to cut costs and save money, we switched our cell phone service to Walmart Family Mobile.     In the process, my husband got to … [Read more...]

budget friendly unlimited plans


  Already in this 31 Days to Finished series, I've learned there a few different reasons that I procrastinate: ~perfectionism ~indecision ~lack of money Like my Dad once told me, sometimes you just have to make plans and let the chips fall where they may.   In other words, don't let money, or lack thereof,  keep you … [Read more...]

save big on Christmas gifts

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I have not.  I tend to focus on the decorating first, then start my shopping.  Now that I'm almost finished with my Christmas decor, I'm starting to think about gift buying. Today, I'd like to share several gift ideas being offered to my readers at a great savings. For a limited time, Vistaprint is … [Read more...]

9 budget friendly solutions for bare walls

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Our first home had nothing on the walls, largely because the budget didn't allow for it.   I have since learned that art doesn't have to break the bank.  Today, I'll share some tips I've learned along the way for creating DIY art at little or no cost.     ~Get the Pottery Barn look by taking photographs of … [Read more...]

you’ll be my savvy shoppers, I’ll be your source for coupons

I had really good intentions to use coupons last week, but I went grocery shopping empty handed.  I literally felt regret sink into the pit of my stomach as coupon items went into the shopping cart. :(  Well, it's never too late.  So far, here are the coupons that I've found for my next trip.   Do you ever get the urge to paint?  I do. … [Read more...]

$17 front porch fall makeover

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I set out this past weekend to decorate my front porch for Fall. When decorating on a budget, my first step is to consider what I already have. Then, I determine a budget for incidental purchases.  The budget for the porch was $20. My secret for decorating on a budget is to decorate with what I have on hand BEFORE going shopping. I find … [Read more...]

sunday savings with coupons

Okay, class, get out your budget binder. We're going to be clipping coupons today. ;) I'm running low on foil and I want to have it on hand when I make Julie's Buffalo Wild Wings.  She covers her stove with the foil to cut down on clean up of grease splatter.  Why haven't I thought of that?! Our cat needs some dry food to help him feel full. … [Read more...]

saving on back to school shopping

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It's that time of year again... Here a few sales and offers to help you get the most for your dollar. Zulily offers cute, cute clothes for moms, kids and babies up to 90% off retail.  You can sign up to get their daily deals delivered to your inbox.  I love browsing not only through the clothes, but their home goods too. I can still … [Read more...]

Sunday Savings

I thought y'all would want to know about this sweepstakes by Coupons.com The Coupons.com iPad-a-day Giveaway starts on August 3 and runs through August 9.One new iPad will be given away each day. There will be a total of seven winners. Limit is one entry per person per day. The winners are chosen during a daily drawing which is done by an external … [Read more...]

Household Organization

I'm so, very passionate about organization.  I believe that all our decorating is for nothing if our homes aren't clean and organized.  I also believe that an organized home makes for a happier home. So, I'm very excited about two incredible, FREE, organization resources that I just discoverd last night. … [Read more...]

travel week: tip review

I think I'd like to add traveling to my hobbies.  Wouldn't it be great to just get up and go anytime, anywhere?  Since many of you will be traveling this summer, I'd like to sum up the list of travel tips that I've shared with you this week. (Each link will take you to the original post on that topic.) 1. Stretch your dollars by comparison … [Read more...]

livin’ on Texas time

I feel like I've been partyin' for a week straight. Oh wait, I have! We just got back from our California vacation. Yesterday over dinner, we decided to rate our last three "big" vacations...they are also our only big vacations. It was unanimous: California was number one! I have to say that planning had a lot to do with that. I used tripadvisor … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Frugal Living

Several weeks ago, I wrote this guest post for Romance on a Dime.  I thought I would share it with you today. Hi!  I'm Sharon, and I blog at mrshinesclass.com I really enjoy following Romance on a Dime and so, I  jumped at the opportunity to guest post for Betsy.   Romance on a Dime is chock full of great tips, tutorials and ideas, and I really … [Read more...]

shopping the house – budget decorating

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When I first showed you my breakfast room, I was planning to buy a lamp to set on the side table. Instead, I decided to shop my house. and replace the lamp shade. With that simple switch, the lamp has gone from cottage chic to french country, and I'm lovin' the new look. Until next time, Sharon I'm linking up … [Read more...]

favorite tips of the week

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I'm realizing that I'm a bit of a tip junkie.  Being the analytical person that I am, I've wondered "why?"  I think it's because it makes me feel like I'm being let into a world of secrets.   A world that makes life easier and makes you feel clever. But the cool thing about tips is that they are meant for sharing!  The tip world may be a world … [Read more...]

Shopping Spree

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Even when we were living on a double income, I loved finding a good bargain.  The thrill of the hunt is addicting.  Even more addicting is getting a "sensible chic" look.  Remember that show on HGTV?  I miss it. Now that we are a single income family, instead of doing one big shopping spree, I do several small ones.  I space them out between … [Read more...]

menu planning with coupons

This past fall, when I decided to leave teaching to stay at home, I was determined to make it work financially. Needless to say, I've started "coupon-ing".  My husband has gone with me on a few of my coupon-ing adventures, and he gets just as excited as I do about the savings.  I've actually saved up to 25% on a couple of trips...according to … [Read more...]