The All Natural Cleaner that Changed My Cleaning World

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Cleaning is not my gift. I can organize for hours. I'll stay up through the wee hours of the night decorating. But cleaning? I put it off like nobody's business, making excuses like: "I'll just do it later." "I don't have the energy." "It's no big deal if I leave this for tomorrow." "I don't have time right … [Read more...]

Coastal Inspired Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

laundry room makeover wash board

  Once upon a time, in a far away blogland, a girl dreamed of a laundry room makeover. She waited and waited...and waited some more, as she thought about paint colors and organization. And, one project at a time, she transformed the laundry room. She painted an old board and hung it above the laundry sorter, providing a shelf for … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tile Floors

spring cleaning tile floors

Today's post is sponsored by The Maids. All opinions about dingy tile grout, Spring cleaning and helpful cleaning tips are 100% my own. "What are you doing," Mr. Hines asked on the other end of the phone line. "Organizing the closet," I answered. What started out as Spring Cleaning the bathroom turned into a closet project...So, I got a little … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Remove Household Odors Naturally

vinegar deodorizer

  Do you ever wonder what your house smells like? I do. My mom's house smells like a mixture of her perfume and "freshly vacuumed" (if there is a scent for that.) My friend Judy's house smells like a combination of candles and laundry. Knowing that every home has a signature scent has me wondering what my home smells like. I fear … [Read more...]

a different kind of cinderella story with Meister Cleaners

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  This post brought to you by Meister Cleaners. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mrs. Hines Class. A few weeks ago, my daughter said she was in a cleaning mood.  On a Saturday. Bless her heart. This was just a few days after my little hissy fit and I think I must have scared her.  Mr. Hines and I both had … [Read more...]

DIY granite cleaner

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  I want clean.  I just don't do clean. When I was still teaching, I had the luxury of having a cleaning lady come every two weeks. The whole family loved coming home on cleaning day... the lemony smell wafted into the garage, welcoming us in before we even walked through the door. Inside, the floors and sink were shiny. The … [Read more...]

greasy stove tops and black flip flops


  True story.   The other night I subjected my family to a hormonal hissy fit. "I'm not the maid," I declared. "No one appreciates me," I cried as I raced to get my purse and keys.  I needed to a time-out. Until I realized I was barefoot.  "What if I wanted to browse somewhere," my mind raced.  So, I went to my closet, … [Read more...]

the best dishwasher detergent for clean, but dirty dishes

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.     This...   is embarrassing.   Every single glass we use is covered in hard water stains.   At our last family get together, my sister asked for a sip of water.  As I handed her the glass, I … [Read more...]

19 must see bathroom cleaning tips

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  My tub, toilet and sinks are soaking in bathroom cleaner as we speak.  I won't tell you how long its been since the bathroom was last cleaned, but I will say its been long enough that they need to soak a while.  I'm not sure why I put off cleaning like I do because it really only takes about 15 minutes to take a bathroom from dingy to … [Read more...]

it’s the little things: laundry symbol chart

laundry symbol chart

My mom used to have a key ring that was a big, gold mesh circle that sparkled as it dangled from the ignition, and I wanted one just like it.  Knowing how much I admired that key ring, my bother surprised me with one for Christmas. Of all the gifts I received that year, it was my favorite.  Sometimes, it's the little things that bring me the … [Read more...]

good to know: a simple tip for making the bed


    If you plan to turn down the sheet when making the bed, here's a little tip: put the flat sheet on wrong side up     so that when you turn down the bedding,  the decorative side of the sheet shows.   As I like to say, good to know.   See you in class, … [Read more...]

a happy ending: the solution to litter box odor

Discover The Solution to Litter Box Odor Control at

  This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step and Meow Mix for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.   We'd only had Blackie for a few years, when we thought we'd lost him forever.     The three of us were leaving for dinner, so we closed the back door, locked it and went on our way.  We realized … [Read more...]

The Lazy Girl’s Tips for Spring Cleaning

Get The Lazy Girl

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.   "Shiny Sinks" and "Stainless Steel' have been on my Spring Cleaning to-do list for weeks now.   But, we're not cleaning the sink today because there are dishes in the sink, and I'm not above holding out for someone else to … [Read more...]

6 secrets to keeping a clean (enough) home

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I used to think that if I was going to be a stay-at-home mom, then I'd better have a super clean home to show for it. That was 15 years ago.  At forty-five, I know better.  So, today I offer you a simple routine for keeping a clean home, or at least clean enough.   I've chosen these particular tasks for their mood lifting and fake out … [Read more...]

how to remove candle wax from votive holders


  There's nothing more frustrating that needing a votive holder, only to find leftover candle wax clinging to the bottom. Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for solving that little dilemma.   How to remove candle wax from votive holders:     1. Melt   Place the votive holder in hot water. … [Read more...]

80+ Amazing Cleaning Tricks!

cleaning tips collage

I love the look and feel of a clean home. I'm addicted to reading and sharing cleaning tricks, like the ones I've collected on Hometalk.   But, cleaning is the number one thing that I "put off 'til tomorrow." I even made a cleaning schedule...that I never follow.  I'm more of a go with the flow person.  Trouble with that is, that the flow … [Read more...]

4 common household odors gone for good!

garbage disposal deodorizer

Living in a small, open floor plan means that household odors travel. Today, I have a safe, inexpensive and natural deodorizer that will help you get rid of those common household odors for good. The worst offender in my home is the kitchen.  Between the trash can and garbage disposal,  something always needs freshening. 1.  Garbage … [Read more...]

just add water: all natural cleaning

uses for vinegar, household tips

I love a clean home. I wish mine were clean. I love cleaning tips.  I love trying them, sharing them, reading them... What I don't love is having a different product for each cleaning task.  So, I've been on a mission to minimize. Not only minimize, but to make the switch, again, to all-natural cleaners. Did you know that vinegar and … [Read more...]

fresh towels

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"Do your towels stink?" Erica's question got me thinking. As a matter of fact, I had noticed the towels had lost that fresh feeling. So, I pinned Erica's solution and later put it to the test. How to Make Your Towels Smell Fresh:   ~First, wash the towels in hot water and add about 2 cups of baking soda.   ~Then, … [Read more...]

get the dirt on dusting


I eagerly scribbled "dust the ceiling fan"  on my Spring cleaning to-do list.  There was only one problem.  How was I going to keep the dust from getting all over everything below the ceiling fan? Tip #1:  I've mentioned this before, but it is best to clean your home from top to bottom.  That way you are not getting dust and dirt on already … [Read more...]

10 helpful hints to make spring cleaning a breeze

housecleaning tips:

Are you getting ready to Spring Clean?  Here are 10 cleaning tips to help you freshen your home.  Just click on each sub-title for instructions. CARPETS: Vacuuming Do you know how often you should vacuum each week? Carpet Stain Removal This homemade carpet stain remover lifts stains instantly. IN THE KITCHEN: Cleaning Stainless … [Read more...]

vinegar as a household deodorizer

household tips, all natural deodorizer, uses for vinegar

I've always heard that if you set out a bowl of vinegar over night, it will get rid of unwanted odors. So, last week, I decided to give it a try after using paint to touch up scuffs and nail holes in the walls. I filled a bowl with vinegar and left it on the counter overnight.   It worked!  No paint fumes. I didn't want to … [Read more...]

this is the way we clean the bathroom

housecleaning, cleaning products for the bathroom, household tips

Okay, class, today your assignment is to watch the video and then read the notes below. ;) Whew! How much can a girl sweat from cleaning?! I never had this problem til I hit my forties. Oh well, that's another topic for another day. I want to share with you a few bathroom … [Read more...]

join me at inspiration cafe

Come visit me at For more household tips to help out as we all work to get our homes back in order after the holidays, please check out the Homemaking 101 tab on the menu bar . It's chock full of tips and how-to's ranging from organization to cleaning to time management. See you in class, Mrs. Hines … [Read more...]

Pledge vs. Windex as a general purpose cleaner

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The house is quiet except for the gurgle of the dishwasher. And now, I feel a bit like Cinderella after she finished her chores. I'm not going to the ball, but the day is filled with possibility. Cleaned with Windex I could nap or watch the Lifetime movie network. Maybe I will finish decorating the Christmas tree. There's also a … [Read more...]

all natural cleaning with vinegar

cleaning with lemon

I was playing photographer yesterday, getting down on the floor and working scenes from different angles, when I kept noticing that something smelled bad. Point, shoot, whiff...."what is that odor?"   Then, embarrassment set in as I thought, "my feet smell really bad.  I  need to take a bath." Embarrassment was soon replaced by the … [Read more...]

try this tip for whiter whites


  The vintage washboard my mother gave me started the conversation. "Oh, this reminds me of my grandmother," my friend exclaimed.  She continued reminiscing, "She used to scrub her laundry on one of these and it would get her clothes so clean.  Her whites were so white."   So, I was super excited when I found a tip for whiter … [Read more...]

i’ve found the cure for the carpet stain blues

carpet stain remover, hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish liquid, cleaning tips, homemaking, carpet

Welcome to another edition of "pin there, done that" where I turn my pins from Pinterest into reality and review them here with you. Last week, I decided that I was tired of looking at the stains on the carpet.  There were so many stains that it seemed like a good time to test a couple of pins from my cleaning tips board to find … [Read more...]

housekeeping tips

laundry cheat sheets

~Did you know that you should vacuum a day per family member including pets?  So, I should be vacuuming 4 times a week since I have a family of three and a cat.  Oops!  Guess I’m a little behind.  ;) ~ To clean the build-up inside your microwave, bring a bowl of water to a boil and then let it sit for a while.  This will loosen the dried food, … [Read more...]

laundry quandary

  In fifteen years of marriage, I've yet to come up with a laundry system that works for our household.   Do you have everyone just bring their dirty laundry baskets to the laundry room and sort the loads from their baskets in the washing machine?   Or do you keep a sorter in the laundry room?  If you do keep a sorter … [Read more...]

Creating a Cleaning Schedule that Works

babies don't keep then

We all have moments in life that we wish we could "do over". I could have you rolling on the floor laughing about the time last summer when I was so engrossed in the dollar section at Target that I chose to ignore the fact that I needed to go the restroom. I put it off so long that I "messed" my pants! But, that's too embarrassing to relive. We … [Read more...]

d.i.y. shower cleaner

diy shower cleaner

I finally got around to trying the d.i.y. shower cleaner that I pinned a while back. Every one swore by it. Said their showers had never been cleaner or shinier. Sounds like a winner to me. So, I got my supplies together. I followed the directions from the original source. Well, except for the part where you're supposed to microwave the … [Read more...]

25 uses for coffee filters

transparent bkgrnd

Coffee filters always make it on teachers' wish lists every school year.  They are mostly used for art projects and for sprouting seeds.  But a whole new world was opened to me when my husband's uncle sent this email, … [Read more...]

litter box dilemma

We have a cat.  Blackie, the gray tabby cat.  :)  My daughter named  him when she was only 6...we tried to steer her in other directions, like Smokey, but no, his name would be Blackie.  At least that's more of a pet name than Erik, her first choice. Blackie has been with us for seven years now and we've grown to love him and think of him as one … [Read more...]