sweet potato casserole the way momma makes it

sweet potato casserole recipe

  Sweet potato casserole.   It's hard to believe that something that looks kinda gross can taste so good. But it does.   Not the kind with a blanket of melted marshmallows covering it.     No, I'm talking about the way momma makes it, with a streusel topping. Any time you mix butter and sugar … [Read more...]

my copycat olive garden salad

olive garden salad

  I used to make every salad the same, no matter what we were eating for dinner. Some lettuce. Definitely tomatoes. Possibly red onion. They were certainly nothing fancy.   But as my confidence grew in the kitchen, I started experimenting with making different types of salads. Last Fall I created the Farmer's … [Read more...]

How to Make a Cuban Sandwich


  A few months ago, we went to see the movie Chef.  It was an endearing story of a man who is a chef but was forced to quit the restaurant and start a food truck.  His estranged son came along for the ride, watching and learning as his dad made sandwiches.     Their first stop was in Florida where they made a Cuban … [Read more...]

five 15 minute meals

tilapia scappolini

  Today, I'm taking the stress out of dinner time by sharing 5 meals that are not only simple to prepare but are ready in 15 minutes or less.   My daughter and I love this recipe for Tilapia Scappoline. ~Suggested Sides: roasted asparagus and a salad.   Fish tacos are a fun way to eat fish and one of my family's … [Read more...]

bloody mary steak recipe

bloody mary steaks cooked on a cast iron grill

I hadn't planned on having steak this week until I tasted a sample of the Bloody Mary Steak at the grocery store. The next thing I knew I was buying bloody mary mix, steak seasoning and a couple of rib eyes. Grilling would have been my first choice for cooking the steaks, but the weather didn't permit.   So, I googled how to grill indoors and … [Read more...]

10 tips for being more efficient in the kitchen


Is your kitchen just a room that you pass through? Are you intimidated by the thought of cooking? If you answered yes, then I'm here to help with 10 tips for being more efficient in the kitchen. ~Organize your kitchen Set your kitchen up in zones to save you time while cooking.  For example, a prep zone, a baking zone, etc. Having an … [Read more...]

yes, you can boil an egg

perfect boiled eggs, best method for boiling eggs

I had an unconscious smile across my face as I rinsed the remnants of egg yolk and paprika sprinkles off of the deviled egg tray and loaded it into the dishwasher, recalling the fond memories that were made just a little while before: Friends gathered around in the kitchen, all leaned over ballots checking off our predictions on who would take … [Read more...]

making your Valentine’s Day special

Valentine's special: mrshinesclass.com

  I'm so excited for "After Class" today!  I've teamed with some fabulous bloggers to bring you fun ideas for making your Valentine's Day special. Yvonne from Stone Gable is going to join us live from her kitchen as she prepares seared steak with a shallot wine sauce and a to-die for dessert! Cyndi from Walking in Grace and … [Read more...]

sunday supper: five uses for slotted spoons

spoon rest, cookbook, kitchen, kitchen utensils, food prep

It was 4:30 in the afternoon when I remembered that I was responsible for providing dinner for the youth group at church tonight. Unfortunately, the pantry was a bit bare, so anything I decided on would mean a trip to the grocery store. Fortunately, my husband took the post-it note onto which I had hurriedly scribbled the grocery list and went … [Read more...]

keeping Christmas simple with handmade ideas

cookies, cookie exchange, Christmas, winter

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season sets in, I thought this would be a good time to share some recipes and crafts from my Christmas in July blog hop. You'll find lots of cookie recipes as well as some tips on hosting your own cookie exchange at Laughter and Grace. Time for new stockings? You can try your hand at making your … [Read more...]