grace in the dirty dishes and other home organization tips


My Christmas decorations have been strewn all over the kitchen island for nearly a week. And, since my island is covered in nutcrackers and ornaments, I didn't cook last week...except for the night I made Sloppy Joes from Manwich sauce which I don't think can really count as cooking. As I stare at a pile of dirty dishes, rolls of toilet paper … [Read more...]

The Home Management Binder Experience


Yesterday, we talked about the importance of taking care of our needs so that we can be our best and do our best. Today in the "Love the Home You're With" series, we're going to talk about meeting the needs of our family. I LOVE what Helena said in her post, Home Management or House Management,   "Home Management goes beyond mowing the … [Read more...]

master closet organization

shoe shelves

  When we first moved in to this house, I was so glad that the builders had installed shelving.  I had just spent the past few years adding shelving to my last master closet and didn't want to spend the time or money doing that again. But with all of those shelves, I didn't have room for folded clothes, drawers or a hamper.   And no … [Read more...]

home command center: one room 4 ways

1room3ways 2

  Sometimes we feel limited by the home we're with; like there's not enough room, and that we need more space. But, with a little creativity you can repurpose your space to suit your needs.  So, today, I'm showing you four ways that we use our home command center and sharing three other examples of how we've made more room with the 1650 … [Read more...]

7 ways to use trays in home decor

tray plate

  So far in the Love the Home You're With series, we've been busy organizing and putting things back where they belong. But, there's just some stuff that belongs out in the open; within easy reach, like nail clippers and guitar picks and blankets.   And sometimes, you want a convenient place to store your favorite earrings so … [Read more...]

How to Organize (Almost) Every Room in Your Home


As Geralin mentioned in our interview the other day, it is a good idea to get inspiration from others.  So, today I'm sharing several rooms that will hopefully give you some home organization ideas for your own space. Each room title links to a Pinterest board filled with inspiration for that particular … [Read more...]

10+ Clever Storage Ideas

master bath4

So, now that we've decided what to keep, it's time to put it all back.  But, first, let me share some clever storage ideas:   ~Do sort like items together.  Hair products, paper products, medicines, makeup, baking pans... ~Don't buy any containers until you determine what type of containers you need. Do that by taking inventory of … [Read more...]

organization 101: how to organize your home

desk after

  I love organizing!  Even so, I have problem areas in my home, the behind-the-closed-door areas, that I'm still working on. And those areas, without a doubt, cause stress, duplicate purchases, missed deadlines...all the things Geralin mentioned the other day. In fact, before I cleared off my desk the other night, I broke two light … [Read more...]

5 Expert Tips on How to Get Organized

ge lighting

  I believe getting organized is the first step to creating a beautiful home. And, it's difficult to love a cluttered home.  So, I've asked professional organizer, Geralin Thomas, to share her tips on how to get organized.     Here's our interview:   Q. How does organization, or lack of, affect us in our … [Read more...]

Mrs. Hines and the Ordinary, Beautiful, So Good, Smart Lighting Day

ge lighting 2

  This shop has been compensated by #Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.   All opinions about the beauty of ordinary days, the extraordinary taking care of itself and the convenience of smart lights are mine alone.     Do not ask your children 
to strive for extraordinary lives.
 Such striving may seem admirable,
but … [Read more...]

DIY wooden label tags

laundry storage

  I set out to makeover my laundry room over 3 years ago.   I collected inspiration,   made a shade out of a shower curtain, and hung it on a DIY curtain rod.   I added shelves, changed out the storage baskets and made label tags for them.     I also shopped the house for a rug to soften up the … [Read more...]

the only daily planner that works

planner notebook 4

  When I was a newlywed and new mother, I pored over Emily Barnes' books, and following her advice, I created budget ledgers, and chore charts and shopping lists and address books... Now, not so much.   One thing I've discovered over the years is that my life doesn't fit into little boxes, and so all of my little computer created … [Read more...]

4 creative jewelry organizers

jewelry organizers2

I love accessories.   Scarves, belts, shoes and especially jewelry.    My everyday look is earrings, studs or hoops, and a bracelet or two. I love stacking bracelets. On dressier occasions, I ditch the dangly earrings for studs and wear a statement necklace.   Statement necklaces make me feel so sophisticated. But where is a jewelry … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan

tin cans 3

Hi friends!  It's the 4th Monday of the month and that means that our Contributor, Laura from Inspiration for Moms, will be sharing with us today. Today she is sharing 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan. Hi Everyone! Mrs. Hines asked me if I would chat with you today about my meal planning technique. Of course, I had to say yes … [Read more...]

a filing system that works


A filing system isn't a system if  you never file anything.  {click here to tweet it! }   I've let papers accumulate in my "to-file" basket for months, or longer.  It's the one remnant of the "before" state of my command center, and I'm determined to tackle it once and for all. Here's my … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping Made Easy


  I'm not really sure why I put off grocery shopping.   But, I do.   You know the routine...make a mental list of  what food is left in the house,  realize that you can get through one more day if you use a little less milk in your cereal at breakfast, have half a pb&j on that heel of bread  that you're now so grateful you … [Read more...]

control paper clutter at home in 3 easy steps


Jerry the mailman came at the same time every day. As soon as my siblings and I heard the stop and start of the mail jeep, we'd run outside to greet him, four voices talking at once, eager to share the latest news.  We grabbed the mail out of the mailbox as soon as Jerry drove away. Excited, we would start looking through the stack of mail to … [Read more...]

DIY Personal Planner with Free Printables

command center 4

  Last night I listened to Susan's podcast: "How to Beat Procrastination and Become a Finisher" Perfect timing for my 31 Days to Finished series, right? A couple of points really resonated with me: ~Finish one project before moving on to the next one. ~Dig deep to find out why you procrastinate, and then address those … [Read more...]

Over 140 Brilliant Organizing Solutions

mixing bowls, sliding drawers, kitchen, cabinet organizers, organization

I truly believe that a beautiful home starts with organization. I also believe that an organized home is a necessary step to creating success at home. The idea of organizing can see overwhelming. Where do I start? How do I start? These 5 Expert Tips on How to Get Organized will help. The good news is that once you get started, you'll gain … [Read more...]

what’s on my vanity?

repurposed home decor, home decor, bathroom decor, bathroom accessories, bathroom vanity

For years, I've wanted my very own, real live vanity tray.  Like the one I bought Mrs. Hardy, my first grade teacher, for Christmas. So, I've waited and waited to find the perfect tray.  Then, one day recently, as I was taking down a picture that I no longer wanted, it dawned on me that I could repurpose it as a vanity tray. I quickly filled … [Read more...]

home organization with Restorganize- a Giveaway!

home organization, Restorganize

In the five years we've lived in this house, the garage has never been organized. For the first year we lived here, we couldn't park either of our vehicles in it. It was easy to forget about as I went about my day inside. But, every time I walked into the garage, I felt put upon. At was if the weight of this disorganized mess rested on my … [Read more...]

DIY weekly planner with free printables

stress, overwhelmed, thoughts, inspiration, motivation

My mind has been cluttered with reminders, questions, doubts and to-do lists.  One sure-fire way to clear your mind is to write it all down, in no particular order, just write it down.  Clearing your mind is the first step to successful time management. Once you've done that you can break the list down into tasks on your calendar.  Currently, I … [Read more...]

an organized home

storage solutions, organizing with baskets, home organization

"A place for everything and everything in its place." I've been burning the midnight oil to turn that vision into reality this month. This week I'll be getting the garage in order. It's close...very close. But, I'm such a detail person that this last bit will probably take me hours to finish. While I'm working in the garage, y'all can visit … [Read more...]

stylish storage solution for modems

command center, home office organization, housekeeping tips

It all started with this pin from Anamu. Well, really it started with a thorn in my side that is this modem and the tangled mess of cords that comes with it.  I've tried to forget about it by tucking it in the corner of the desk behind desk accessories and decor.  But, then the internet would lose connection or the t.v. would lose a signal, so … [Read more...]

organizing everything

commonplace book, home organization, organization tips, housekeeping, declutter

Hi!  If you're visiting from Inspiration Cafe, I'm so glad to have you here.  I love making new friends, so make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. Have y'all heard of a Commonplace Book?  It's a kind of like a journal, but it's not a journal.  Instead of writing down your private thoughts or daily reflections, you record anything that … [Read more...]

under construction: please excuse our mess

organization, household tips

I have a confession to make.  The Christmas decorations are still up on the porch.  I'm sure I'll open the mailbox and there it will be; the envelope with the words NOTICE stamped across it in bold, red letters.  I'll rush home to open the ominous envelope and read, 'you have 10 days to take down your Christmas decor.  If you fail to comply, blah, … [Read more...]

Every Cook Needs an Organized Kitchen

kitchen, organization, storage

To me, my house feels most like a home when I'm cooking. If you love to cook like I do, then you know how important it is to have your kitchen organized. We've lived in this house for a little over five years now, and I'm finally getting things situated.  Of course, Mr. Hines doubts that.  He's so used to going to the silverware drawer only to … [Read more...]

organizing with baskets

baskets, home decor, decorative baskets, using baskets for organization

What is your favorite way to organize? Until next time, Sharon I'm sharing my baskets at: Open House Party @ No Minimalist Here Hooking up with HoH @ House of Hepworths Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop @ Katherine’s Corner … [Read more...]

Copycat Challenge: Kitchen Storage


  I wasn't quite sure what my copycat project was going to be until a few days ago when Peggy @ The Decorating Files shared a post entitled "5 Stylish Kitchen Storage Ideas."   Better Homes and Gardens Taking a perfectly pretty door off of the cabinet was a bit out of my comfort zone... But, it was a good excuse to finally get … [Read more...]

laundry quandary

  In fifteen years of marriage, I've yet to come up with a laundry system that works for our household.   Do you have everyone just bring their dirty laundry baskets to the laundry room and sort the loads from their baskets in the washing machine?   Or do you keep a sorter in the laundry room?  If you do keep a sorter … [Read more...]

Household Organization

I'm so, very passionate about organization.  I believe that all our decorating is for nothing if our homes aren't clean and organized.  I also believe that an organized home makes for a happier home. So, I'm very excited about two incredible, FREE, organization resources that I just discoverd last night. … [Read more...]

travel week: tip review

I think I'd like to add traveling to my hobbies.  Wouldn't it be great to just get up and go anytime, anywhere?  Since many of you will be traveling this summer, I'd like to sum up the list of travel tips that I've shared with you this week. (Each link will take you to the original post on that topic.) 1. Stretch your dollars by comparison … [Read more...]

travel week: packing light

I have never been able to travel with just a carry-on bag.  To be honest, I never tried.  But saving a few bucks on checking luggage motivated us to learn how to get all our stuff into one small bag. Enter Pinterest. I had seen this tip a while back and pinned it for this very occasion.  Following the flight attendant's guidance in the NY … [Read more...]

Christmas, Closets and Corners

That's what I've been up to the past couple of days.  I'm almost done, no make that about half done, with my Christmas decorating.  I need to trim the tree ( love that expression), put the finishing touches on my mantle here's a little sneak peek and the dining room, and work on my nutcracker vignette...ummm, maybe I'm not as far along as I … [Read more...]

Chicken Wire Canisters

chicken wire baskets, french country decor

Come into my kitchen.  I have something I want to show you today. With all of the pictures and posts about chicken wire lately, I was starting to feel a little envious.  Then, last night as we were unloading groceries, I looked over and saw my "canisters" and realized, "Hey, I do have my very own chicken wire!" The realization brought me a sense … [Read more...]