Livin’ on Destin Time: 5 Ways to Relax at Home

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It'd been several years since my last visit to Destin, and I'd forgotten how beautiful it is. The emerald-green water and the sugary white sand took my breath away. There's just something about the beach; the salt air, the crashing of the waves, the cry of the seagulls, and the ocean breeze all colliding together in a magnificent force that … [Read more...]

Mrs. Hines and the Ordinary, Beautiful, So Good, Smart Lighting Day

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  This shop has been compensated by #Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.   All opinions about the beauty of ordinary days, the extraordinary taking care of itself and the convenience of smart lights are mine alone.     Do not ask your children 
to strive for extraordinary lives.
 Such striving may seem admirable,
but … [Read more...]

the only daily planner that works

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  When I was a newlywed and new mother, I pored over Emily Barnes' books, and following her advice, I created budget ledgers, and chore charts and shopping lists and address books... Now, not so much.   One thing I've discovered over the years is that my life doesn't fit into little boxes, and so all of my little computer created … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan

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Hi friends!  It's the 4th Monday of the month and that means that our Contributor, Laura from Inspiration for Moms, will be sharing with us today. Today she is sharing 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan. Hi Everyone! Mrs. Hines asked me if I would chat with you today about my meal planning technique. Of course, I had to say yes … [Read more...]

DIY Personal Planner with Free Printables

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  Last night I listened to Susan's podcast: "How to Beat Procrastination and Become a Finisher" Perfect timing for my 31 Days to Finished series, right? A couple of points really resonated with me: ~Finish one project before moving on to the next one. ~Dig deep to find out why you procrastinate, and then address those … [Read more...]

10 tips for being more efficient in the kitchen


Is your kitchen just a room that you pass through? Are you intimidated by the thought of cooking? If you answered yes, then I'm here to help with 10 tips for being more efficient in the kitchen. ~Organize your kitchen Set your kitchen up in zones to save you time while cooking.  For example, a prep zone, a baking zone, etc. Having an … [Read more...]

hot fun in the summertime


I was just looking through our photos from summer vacation last year. We had so much fun! We're not likely to travel this year, but my daughter and I are looking forward to lots of time lounging poolside, taking beach trips and whatever else we decide to do.  We'll just have to let the days unfold. When my daughter was little we used to go … [Read more...]

work smarter, not harder: tips for successful time management

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Have you heard the expression, "work smarter, not harder?"  Today, I'm going to share some tips for doing just that.  Whether you are in corporate America, running your own business, managing a household or some combination of these, you have no doubt felt the burden of  "doing it all."   First, let me encourage you with this great quote that a … [Read more...]

managing your time while working from home

With tootsie rolls in my pocket, a glass of sweet tea in one hand and my book in the other, I climbed the winding staircase to the roof top deck.  As I stood up on the deck, breathing the fresh air rolling in off of the Pacific Ocean, I thought to myself, "This is the life." It was vacation, and I had nothing to do but sit out on that deck, read … [Read more...]

travel week: tip review

I think I'd like to add traveling to my hobbies.  Wouldn't it be great to just get up and go anytime, anywhere?  Since many of you will be traveling this summer, I'd like to sum up the list of travel tips that I've shared with you this week. (Each link will take you to the original post on that topic.) 1. Stretch your dollars by comparison … [Read more...]

Creating a Cleaning Schedule that Works

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We all have moments in life that we wish we could "do over". I could have you rolling on the floor laughing about the time last summer when I was so engrossed in the dollar section at Target that I chose to ignore the fact that I needed to go the restroom. I put it off so long that I "messed" my pants! But, that's too embarrassing to relive. We … [Read more...]