7 strategies to help your ADHD child succeed


My daughter has ADD, borderline ADHD. The difference between the two is this: ADD - easily distracted, daydreams, forgetful, disorganized, poor concentration ADHD - all of the above and hyperactivity including fidgeting, and having a hard time sitting still.  The ADHD child can be impulsive as well. Children with ADD/ADHD need to be … [Read more...]

It’s funny, but I’m serious


~You might be a helicopter parent if you cut up your child's food and feed her in the school cafeteria. ~If you're excited about the "A" that you got on your child's science project, you might be a helicopter parent. ~You might be a helicopter parent if you consider changing schools because your child wasn't assigned to the same class as his … [Read more...]

Dear Parents,

mrshinesclass.com answering parent questions

As you pack lunches and plan outfits for the first day of school tomorrow, I want to share a few tips from the teacher on how to have a successful school year. You might be wondering, "Will the teacher like my child?"  "Will she accomodate my child's needs?" "Will the teacher get mad if I share a concern?" "How can I support my child's … [Read more...]