The Little Green Skirt That Could

In order to appreciate just how much my new green skirt can do, you need to hear the back story. You see, I wasn’t planning on buying new clothes that day. I’d gone to pick up my prescription and grab a couple of food items for dinner and that’s all. Everything was going according to plan […]

5 Pieces, 5 Fashionable Looks for Less

There is an article called “Going Back to school: The 1970s vs. Today circulating on Facebook. It takes me back…right down to the corduroys, Toughskins, striped t-shirt and culottes. It was ‘fashion for less’ at its best. I loved my avocado colored culottes with the matching gold-buttoned vest. I wore it with my striped t-shirt […]

Style Secrets: From Frumpy to Fabulous

Today, Chelsea and I are back with a new episode of Style Secrets…everyday tips for your home and you! We have some fashion forward ideas for both work-at-home and stay-at-home moms…think stylish yet comfortable outfits that go with the flow of your busy day. And, if you have some old, outdated furniture, don’t give it […]

Style Secrets: Adding Spring Style to Your Home and Your Wardrobe

Hi friends! Chelsea and I are back with another episode of Style Secrets. This month is all about simple ways to add Spring style to your home and your wardrobe. I have to tell you that the past couple of weekends, I followed Chelsea’s tips for styling my white tee. And, I felt like the […]

Style Secrets: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Home and You

Not sure what to wear for Valentine’s Day? Can’t afford to go out? Chelsea from Sweet Sunlight Style and I have you covered. From what to wear to how to set the table, these Valentine’s Day ideas will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. Whether  you’re going out or celebrating at home, Chelsea has tips […]

look like a fashionista for less

I went to TJ Maxx last night. Whether or not I’m buying, I always get a basket when I go shopping, just to add to the experience.  Then, my next little trick is to put everything that I’m considering in the basket. I walk around the store browsing, and thinking, until I’ve narrowed down my […]

the secret to wearing white

tips on wearing white, what to wear under white

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a little girl talk.   But we need to talk about what color undergarments to wear under white clothing.   With the Spring season just around the corner, I’m starting to get excited about wearing white again. I know that Stacy and Clinton say that you can […]