20 family traditions you can start at home


I love making up family traditions, and over the years we’ve created quite a few. As I mentioned yesterday, traditions are a great way to bond as a family and build lasting memories.

While the photos I’m sharing today aren’t Pinterest or magazine worthy, they are beautiful; beautiful because they capture precious moments in time with the people I love.

Every get together is a celebration of family and friends.  Here are some of the ways we celebrate:

Fall Family Potluck- If it’s not the year for Thanksgiving with my side of the family, we have a family dinner (Man, do we eat good that day!) , draw names for Christmas, play games and enjoy each other’s company.

20 Family Traditions that You Can Start at Home / Fall Family Potluck / www.mrshinesclass.com


Oscar Party – A few years ago we started getting together with friends to watch the Academy Awards.  It’s a fun excuse to eat, drink and be merry.

Back to School Dinner – I started this tradition with friends this year.  It’s so nice to look forward to a home cooked meal at the end of a long first day of school.


20 Family Traditions that You Can Start at Home / www.mrshinesclass.com


Mother’s Day Beach Trip – All I ask for Mother’s Day is a good book and a chair on the beach.  We’ve been doing this for at least ten years now.

Annual Photo – My Mom and I share a birthday.  So, every year we take a picture of us smiling at each other.

Cousins Beach Day –  My sister and I take the kids to the beach every summer.  (I make up lots of traditions involving the beach.  It’s my happy place.)

Easter Egg Hunt – Every year my family gets together to celebrate Easter and the kids get to hunt Easter eggs.  It’s a really fun day.


20 Family Traditions that You Can Start at Home / www.mrshinesclass.com


End of Summer Beach Day – We get together with friends the weekend before school starts and send off summer with a bang.


20 Family Traditions that You Can Start at Home / www.mrshinesclass.com


December Birthdays – My husband and two of our friends have birthdays within a week of each other.  So, we get together at our house for some food and music.   

Draw Names for Christmas – I mentioned this in the Fall Potluck.  My side of the family draws names for Christmas.  We’ve had fun coming up with creative gift ideas.

Family Recipes – Pass down family recipes to your kids.  The spaghetti, chili and dumplings that I make are the recipes I grew up on.


20 Family Traditions that You Can Start at Home / www.mrshinesclass.com


Christmas Eve – We typically go to candle light service on Christmas Eve.  And, when I was growing up we opened one gift on Christmas Eve.

Here’s one that I’d like to start: Sunday Supper – Cook a big dinner after church and have friends and family…whoever can join us, join us.  Standing invitation. 


More ideas:

Special Plate – for birthdays or special occasions

Weekend Picnics

Saturday bike rides

Movie night

Game Night

Family Read Alouds

Service Project

Bedtime Stories


I always look forward to each tradition from year to year.  Each one has made my life richer and fuller.

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And, it’s just one more way to love the home, and the people, you’re with.


See you in class,

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