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Later today, we’ll be celebrating Christmas at Aunt Becky’s house.

And one of the things I love about going to her house every year is seeing the Christmas trees.

A gorgeous, towering tree tucked in the curve of the spiral staircase.  And, another tree in the den covered in Nutcrackers, big and small, spinning and tall.

It all seems so grand and luxurious and…appealing.

Gold and White Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


So, this year I did things a little differently.  Instead of opening up the box filled with my ornaments…the ones my daughter made, and that my students gave me;

Gold and White Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


the growing collection of glass ornaments from Aunt Becky and the red and gold balls,

Kids Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


and putting them all on one tree, I decided to separate them and try some new Christmas tree themes.

Kids Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


Creating new-to-me color schemes,

Purple and Silver Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


Purple and Silver Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


and my first annual Santa tree.

Santa Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /


Just like Aunt Becky.

Santa Christmas Tree Theme / Holiday Decor /



Next year, I want to decorate a tree just like this one at Postcards from the Ridge.   

Be sure to check out my porch trees all decked out for Christmas at All Things Heart and Home.

And, since I’ve been so busy decorating trees, and shopping and celebrating, that’s all the recommended reading I have for you this week.   


See you in class,

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