bed and breakfast room

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Remember the Incredible Hulk? If you made David Banner angry, well, you didn't want to see him when he was angry. He turned into this green hulk and destruction always followed in his path. Well, I've been like the Incredible Hulk lately, only not angry, but motivated. I've blown through this house like a tornado, picking up the "stuff" and … [Read more...]

french country decor in the breakfast room


I knew I had to have it when Pamela at From My Front Porch to Yours, posted it on Facebook. And this one too. Then, a few days later, I snatched this one out of Pamela's hands too. The younger me would have had them hung the second I got them home.  The forty something me waited a few weeks. While age has slowed me down a bit, it … [Read more...]

breakfast room tour

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I really enjoy our breakfast room.  It's sunny and bright just as a breakfast room should be.  It's taken some time for me to decorate it to truly reflect my style, but it's really close now.  Perhaps a few more accessories and I might call it done.  But if we wait on me to consider the room finished, you'll never get to see it.  So, here it is in … [Read more...]

Carryin’ on in the Kitchen, Part 2

Well, kids, I believe it has been a week since I shared with you that I was ready to change out my breakfast room curtains. It was hard for me to make the decision to take them down because, as I mentioned, they were a labor of love.  If you remember, though, I fell out of love almost as soon as they were hung.  They look cheerier in this photo … [Read more...]

Roosters and Sunflowers

french country rooster

Rise and Shine!  That's what the decor in my breakfast room says to me. The sunrise pours through the windows in the morning, showing off the vibrant gold sunflowers and stirring the roosters to "cock-a-doodle-doo." Roosters Rooster prints 1, 3 and 4 (from top to bottom) all came from  thegraphicsfairy Sunflowers Until next … [Read more...]