pork tenderloin in raspberry chipotle sauce

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I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I cannot.  It came from the creative cooks at H-E-B, a grocery store here in Texas.  It can be served year round or for special occasions.  It's definitely company-worthy! pork tenderloin in raspberry chipotle sauce Recipe Type: entree Cuisine: southwest Author: Sharon … [Read more...]

the perfect side dish: roasted asparagus

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 You kind of have to ease into being a vegetable eater.  Start out with corn on the cob, the zinfandel of vegetables if you will. Once you've acquired the taste, you move on to green beans.  Of course, they must be cooked with the two most necessary ingredients in any dish: bacon and buttah. Now that we have developed a more sophisticated pallet, … [Read more...]

how to keep water from boiling over

I usually just blow on the water when it starts to foam and rise up.  But who wants to stand at the stove and wait around to blow? So, this past Saturday, as I stood watch over the spaghetti noodles, I remembered a tip that I pinned on Pinterest.   I scrambled for my wooden spoon and placed it over the pot in a race against the boiling … [Read more...]

sharon’s spaghetti sauce

Do you ever plan a meal that keeps being bumped to the next week?  That happens here more often than I care to admit.  At least three weeks ago, I put spaghetti on the menu.  The day that we were supposed to have spaghetti, my husband texted me, "no spaghetti tonight please."  Well, I knew that meant that he had it for lunch. The meat had been … [Read more...]

Fish Tacos

fish taco

  I just finished cleaning up the kitchen after a yummy dinner of fish tacos, with a side of black beans, and some chips with salsa and guacamole.  This is such a quick, easy and enjoyable meal, that I wanted to share our fish taco recipe with you. You will need a light, flaky fish.  I keep a bag of individually wrapped, frozen tilapia … [Read more...]