master bedroom reveal

bedding, shams, pillows, monogram, headboard, blanket, coverlet, matlasse, lamp, nightstand, mirror

  I was about nine or ten years old when my sister walked into our bedroom and announced, "Dad said for you to 'come here.' "  I made the fretful walk down the hallway to the living room where Dad was waiting. "Why did you put those flowers in your window after I told y'all not to put anything up there?"   Fearing a … [Read more...]

decorating for fall

fall floral arrangement, fall decor, foyer decor, home decor

Anytime something goes missing in our house, I automatically get the blame.  Stands to reason, since I'm a bit of a minimalist.  Less is more in my book. And if I no longer have a use for something, I tend to get rid of it.  Like this floral arrangement that I made several years ago. I used to keep it out year round.  But then I … [Read more...]

updates on my french country kitchen

french country

  The inspiration for my french country kitchen decor is the warm wood tones and rustic color palette of French Country design. Elements ranging from aged copper to terracotta tiles to wheat colored baskets remind me to the french countryside. The French lifestyle seems to embody living life to the fullest by working hard and … [Read more...]

whose home is it, anyway?

Welcome back to my Making Your House a Home series! Writing this series has been a really fulfilling experience for me. Any time I share something like this, it makes me feel a little vulnerable.  I want to thank you for  encouraging me along the way. So far we have defined home, talked about making sure "mama is happy", and discussed the value of … [Read more...]

The Decorator

~I’ve been “documenting” and showing my decorating to the world ( a little world of 2 followers) on my new blog.  It has been so fun!  I guess cause I feel like a part of a community where everyone shares similar interests and goals and just “gets” each other.  It’s also fun because I’m learning and sharpening skills that I’ve been wanting to put … [Read more...]