cozy cottage foyer

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I love hospitality.   Welcoming a familiar face, asking them to "come on in", taking their coat, and inviting them to sit down is one of life's simple pleasures. My goal is to make each and every friend and family member feel special once they walk through the front door.  And for me, it starts in the foyer.  So, I've been looking for … [Read more...]

tour of the foyer

home decor, foyer, cottage decor

The foyer is one of the reasons I fell in love with this house.  I just love having a separate entry area for greeting guests. Here is the view from the living room. Some of you may have noticed that the piano is gone.  I managed to move it out on one of my all nighter binges.  ;)  I did leave the piano bench in here for now.  I would like to … [Read more...]