bed and breakfast room

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Remember the Incredible Hulk? If you made David Banner angry, well, you didn't want to see him when he was angry. He turned into this green hulk and destruction always followed in his path. Well, I've been like the Incredible Hulk lately, only not angry, but motivated. I've blown through this house like a tornado, picking up the "stuff" and … [Read more...]

Creating Your Own Color Scheme

Have you ever used Chip It by Sherwin Williams? I've played around with it using rooms in my home, but I think using inspiration photos is a great idea for helping you choose the right color. Just look at how Le Zoe of Le Zoe Musings created a few different options taking inspiration from her surroundings. I'm not sure if she used Chip It! or not, … [Read more...]

the small things -budget decorating

sunflower soap dispenser

This is a very simple before and after, but sometimes the small things make such a big difference. Let me show you what I mean. You can see in the before photo that I'm using the original package soap dispenser in the kitchen.  It's not bad, but as you can tell from the photo, the kitchen is visible from the front door. In the past, I tried … [Read more...]

shopping the house – budget decorating

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When I first showed you my breakfast room, I was planning to buy a lamp to set on the side table. Instead, I decided to shop my house. and replace the lamp shade. With that simple switch, the lamp has gone from cottage chic to french country, and I'm lovin' the new look. Until next time, Sharon I'm linking up … [Read more...]

thrifted treasure

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My mom and I stopped in at Goodwill on our girls day out a few weeks ago. We searched the aisles high and low for treasure. … [Read more...]

playing dress up

One thing this 80's girl loves, is hair.   I'm always looking for fun, stylish ways to wear my hair.  So, it's no wonder that I can't get enough of the hair tutorials at The Small Things blog. Today, I decided to try the "side front twist". … [Read more...]

high five friday

Last week, I found a link party over at From My Grey Desk, called High Five for Friday where you share five things "that make you go hmmm", no wait, wrong era, wrong platform.  You share five things that you're enjoying in life. So, here's my "high five" for Friday. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Buffet

I've finally settled on what to put on my buffet.  There was nothing wrong with what was there. It just wasn't me. I'd been waiting to decorate the buffet for Debbiedoo's Magazine Copycat Challenge  until one day, I "let go" of the notion that  keeping this vignette full time wouldn't work because it wasn't "real"...  just something pretty to look … [Read more...]