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Last Sunday, as we as we gathered materials for the potting bench, I told Mr. Hines that I thought working on projects together was the best kind of date. To which he jokingly replied,  "It's the worst kind of date for me." He's a dinner and movie kind of guy.  All joking aside, he gave up a rare day off to help me. And, when the potting bench … [Read more...]

You’d Never Know: Occasional Table Hacks

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Being an alternate can be a blow to your in high school when I only made the drill team after some of the others were kicked off  for failing grades. I was ecstatic to be a North Shore Scarlet, but I had to battle the feeling that I didn't belong. Some of the juniors and seniors tried to encourage us "alternates" by sharing who among … [Read more...]

Style Secrets: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Home and You

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I'm so excited to announce a new monthly video series! I've partnered with local fashion blogger, Chelsea from Sweet Sunlight Style, to bring you everyday tips for your home and you...our Style Secrets. Today, we're kicking off the series with our Valentine's Day special. Chelsea is sharing some fun, feminine fashion ideas, and I'll show you … [Read more...]

Master Bathroom Design

Master Bath Color Reveal 10

Rainwashed. It sounds so lovely, doesn't it?...Like a Spring day after a rain,     that fresh, earthy scent filling the air,   the calming sound of the last drops of water dripping from the eaves of the roof.     Steam rising,   forming big, fluffy white clouds that … [Read more...]

Coral Reef: Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

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  When I first saw the Sherwin-Williams color of the year, I thought it was gorgeous and a perfect complement to my existing color palette. So, I kept trying to think of a way to incorporate it into my home. Inspired by the splashes of pink I've been seeing in home decor lately, I finally had an idea. Thank you Sherwin-Williams for … [Read more...]

Recommended Reading: Christmas Tree Themes

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  Later today, we'll be celebrating Christmas at Aunt Becky's house. And one of the things I love about going to her house every year is seeing the Christmas trees. A gorgeous, towering tree tucked in the curve of the spiral staircase.  And, another tree in the den covered in Nutcrackers, big and small, spinning and tall. It all … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

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Have you ever been clothes shopping, finally narrowing down your selection to a few outfits that look great...but you just can't decide? So, you try them all on again. And, one more time just to make sure, twirling around in the mirror and taking note of what each outfit says about you. Soft and pretty.   Sexy and … [Read more...]

home sweet home: windows and walls

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"Have you hung the pictures yet,"  my friend would ask every week. "No, not yet,"  I would reply. It was my friend's theory that once the pictures were on the walls, you were officially moved in. That was six years ago this summer.   My walls have been decorated and redecorated more times than I can count. And I've learned a few tricks … [Read more...]

house beautiful: the cozy factor

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Thank you to for providing the Easy Drapery Panels featured in this post.   The other day, I told you that my Dad doesn't readily ask for help, and that I take after him that way. If I have the skills, then letting someone else do it for me is out of the question.  That includes sewing curtains. I made most of the window … [Read more...]

Decorating with Numbers and a Farmhouse Decor Giveaway

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Numbers. Would you like them in a vase? Would you drape one on a jar? Would you hang them on the hooks, on the wall? Do you decorate with numbers at all? Would you hang them over a plate, on the shelf, in the kitchen? Or on baskets on top of cabinets?   Now is your chance to see. a Rafflecopter giveaway What … [Read more...]

House Beautiful: Living Room


It's a warm , sunny afternoon, and that couch is calling my name. In just a few short minutes, I'll be snuggled up under this blanket...   drifting off into a fantastical world, filled with colorful dreams. I'll wake up to the sound of my girl walking through the door on this Friday afternoon, ready to start her … [Read more...]

a little of this and a little of that


  Hi!  Just wanted y'all to know that I'm not in hiding.  :) I've been trying to get my household organized and my health on track.  But, I have lots of plans for projects. I bought this shelf liner the other day, but I won't be using it for lining shelves...not exactly.  You'll see. I got a small start on my backyard … [Read more...]

bringing spring indoors


in the foyer     Tip #1: Fresh flowers welcome family and friends.   Trader Joe's has a nice selection of fresh flowers at a great price.   in the living room Tip #2:  natural elements are a great way to bring the outdoors in.    Tip #3: Add life with color.  Change out warm winter throw … [Read more...]

house beautiful: teen lounge reveal

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With some rearranging, a mixture of old and new and a little DIY, the teen lounge is now both a fun and functional hangout. It's a great place to kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. It's my daughter's landing-place after school each day.  Once she walks through that door, she's in teenage heaven; her very own Narnia where she gets to … [Read more...]

a teenage dream: the teen lounge

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Dear Teenage Dream, We didn't mean to leave you alone.  I'm sorry that the only time you saw me was when I needed something from you. Like when I asked you to look after this nightstand until I found a place for it.  Maybe it was asking too much of you to be homework central, and a media room.   I know that you're tired of holdin' … [Read more...]

house beautiful: the “it” factor

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I am competitive in that I'm always trying to out do myself, especially when it comes to home decor. I don't want a pretty home. I want a show stopping, head turning, love at first sight kind of home. So, lately I've been on a mission to add the "it" factor to my cozy cottage. The first step in the process was creating this style board.   … [Read more...]

decorating with a personal touch

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  We use the third bedroom in our home as a teen lounge.  It's a great place for my daughter and her friends to watch t.v., play  Wii and just hangout. One of my favorite sounds is of my daughter and her friends giggling well into the wee hours of the night.  And then, without notice, the giggles come to a stop and the room grows silent … [Read more...]

defining my personal style

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Okay, so I'm about finished with simplifying and organizing my home. During this process, I've also been rearranging a few furniture pieces and redecorating spaces in an effort to make my house a home that I love.  LOVE being the key word. As I mentioned last Friday during "After Class with Mrs. Hines", my rule of thumb is love it or lose … [Read more...]

Home Decorating Trends

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Collage courtesy of Cynthia Weber. Images can be found on her Design Trends board on Pinterest. Do you try to follow decorating trends?    Pantone introduced Emerald Green as their color of the year, and it's beautiful.  I can definitely see adding a vase or some small accent to bring that color into my home.  But, the … [Read more...]

a french country dining room

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There were two floor plans in our neighborhood that were in our price range. One had a dining room. One did not. I wanted a house with a dining room. Soon after we moved in, I felt that the dining room was "begging to be painted." In the house before, I had painted the hallway in a beautiful terra-cotta color that I wasn't ready to part … [Read more...]

if you give a girl a rug

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  My daughter has tumbling on Wednesdays.  Since it's just an hour, I typically run errands nearby until it's time to pick her up.  Sometimes I find myself browsing the aisles in TJ Maxx, which is what I did last night. I had picked out a blouse that I liked and found some ankle pants to wear with my tall boots, when I noticed the row of … [Read more...]

tips for decorating the christmas tree

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I have spent years schooling myself on the ins and outs of decorating a Christmas tree by watching countless hours of HGTV Christmas specials. I've pored over magazines and studied the nuances of the perfect tree. I've read tips like: string lights on every branch, and put the garland on before you start hanging ornaments on the … [Read more...]

christmas in the living room

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'Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house all the creatures were stirring even the cat's toy mouse. The stockings were hung from the mantel with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there. Our daughter in the other room watching t.v. with no thoughts of coming out to help little ol' me. I in my still in my cozy … [Read more...]

spreading holiday cheer: christmas cards

card display

There's nothing like getting that first Christmas card in the mail to usher in the season. Last July, I gathered several ideas for displaying cards for my Christmas in July blog hop.  I'd like to share them again with you today.   Here are 10 ways to display those cards and enjoy them this holiday season: Deck the halls with boughs of … [Read more...]

we gather together for thanksgiving traditions n-s-e-w

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends the other night.  My favorite part is the visiting and fellowship.  There's something about "breaking bread" together that bonds people together.  A relationship can quickly go from acquaintances to friends over the course of a dinner conversation. Tonight's dinner conversation led to tales … [Read more...]

it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

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I noticed that the local shopping centers put up the outdoor Christmas trees immediately after Halloween, and even though they do this every year, it always catches me off guard a little bit. Although I'm growing a little tired of my Fall decor, I will wait.  I'm waiting til next Friday. While everyone is out shopping, I'll … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Traditions N-S-E-W continues at Three Mango Seeds

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We're headed to the Midwest to visit Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds for the last stop in our Traditions N-S-E-W Thanksgiving party.  Clydia is showing us her front porch fall decor, just in time for welcoming guests on Thanksgiving Day. It has been so much fun seeing traditions from across the US and Canada.  And it was a pleasure to co-host with … [Read more...]

“A Homemade Thanksgiving”: decorating with natural elements

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What a thrilling opportunity it was to "hangout" with Ann Drake from On Sutton Place and Jane Windham from Cottage at the Crossroads! We joined together for a Google+ Hangout on Air and shared ideas for incorporating natural elements in your home decor, particularly for Thanksgiving. Ann shared a beautiful slide show of inspiration and … [Read more...]

you’re invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with me

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Hey, hey, hey, hey...what's happening?! A LOT is happening here at MHC (Mrs.Hines Class)! Today, Jami at Freckled Laundry, one of my lovely co-hosts of the Thanksgiving Traditions: N-S-E-W is sharing a denim and dot leaf centerpiece. And just in case you've missed the previous posts in our series: Heather at Setting for Four (Canada) … [Read more...]

how to turn a sheet set into curtains

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Scene 1: why purple? Looking at the breakfast room window my daughter asked, "Mom, is that my sheet?"  "Um, yes.  It is. What do you think of the purple?  Is it too dark?" I hesitated to ask. "Why purple, Mom?  What does it go with?" "Nothing.  I was just trying it out." Scene 2: Daughter exits for school and I'm left alone with my … [Read more...]

Features from the Traditions N-S-E-W Thanksgiving Linky Party

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I had so much fun sharing my family traditions, recipes and mantel decor last week! The tradition sharing continues today with Heather and Vanessa from the blog At the Picket Fence.  If you don't know them already, you're going to love Heather and Vanessa.  They are two very genuine, down to earth sisters with big hearts and tons of … [Read more...]

master bedroom reveal

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  I was about nine or ten years old when my sister walked into our bedroom and announced, "Dad said for you to 'come here.' "  I made the fretful walk down the hallway to the living room where Dad was waiting. "Why did you put those flowers in your window after I told y'all not to put anything up there?"   Fearing a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Decor, Crafts, Recipes and more


Hey there friends!  I just wanted to take a little time today to tell you about a link party that several of our blog friends and myself kicked off this week. I'm so excited to be joining  At The Picket Fence, Freckled Laundry, It's So Very Cheri, Setting for Four, Notes From A Cottage Industry and Three Mango Seeds  as we travel from North to … [Read more...]

french country decor in the breakfast room


I knew I had to have it when Pamela at From My Front Porch to Yours, posted it on Facebook. And this one too. Then, a few days later, I snatched this one out of Pamela's hands too. The younger me would have had them hung the second I got them home.  The forty something me waited a few weeks. While age has slowed me down a bit, it … [Read more...]