how to pick out the perfect paint color

mannered gold and gray

  Have you ever been clothes shopping, finally narrowing down your selection to a few outfits that look great...but you just can't decide? So, you try them all on again. And, one more time just to make sure, turning in the mirror and taking note of what each outfit says about you. Soft and pretty.   Sexy and … [Read more...]

home sweet home: windows and walls

walls 7

"Have you hung the pictures yet,"  my friend would ask every week. "No, not yet,"  I would reply. It was my friend's theory that once the pictures were on the walls, you were officially moved in. That was six years ago this summer.   My walls have been decorated and redecorated more times than I can count. And I've learned a few tricks … [Read more...]

house beautiful: the cozy factor

fabric 7

Thank you to for providing the Easy Drapery Panels featured in this post.   The other day, I told you that my Dad doesn't readily ask for help, and that I take after him that way. If I have the skills, then letting someone else do it for me is out of the question.  That includes sewing curtains. I made most of the window … [Read more...]

Decorating with Numbers and a Farmhouse Decor Giveaway

numbers 3

Numbers. Would you like them in a vase? Would you drape one on a jar? Would you hang them on the hooks, on the wall? Do you decorate with numbers at all? Would you hang them over a plate, on the shelf, in the kitchen? Or on baskets on top of cabinets?   Now is your chance to see. a Rafflecopter giveaway What … [Read more...]

House Beautiful: Living Room


It's a warm , sunny afternoon, and that couch is calling my name. In just a few short minutes, I'll be snuggled up under this blanket...   drifting off into a fantastical world, filled with colorful dreams. I'll wake up to the sound of my girl walking through the door on this Friday afternoon, ready to start her … [Read more...]

a little of this and a little of that


  Hi!  Just wanted y'all to know that I'm not in hiding.  :) I've been trying to get my household organized and my health on track.  But, I have lots of plans for projects. I bought this shelf liner the other day, but I won't be using it for lining shelves...not exactly.  You'll see. I got a small start on my backyard … [Read more...]

bringing spring indoors


in the foyer     Tip #1: Fresh flowers welcome family and friends.   Trader Joe's has a nice selection of fresh flowers at a great price.   in the living room Tip #2:  natural elements are a great way to bring the outdoors in.    Tip #3: Add life with color.  Change out warm winter throw … [Read more...]

house beautiful: teen lounge reveal

teen lounge, home decor, home accents, home accessories, interior decor

With some rearranging, a mixture of old and new and a little DIY, the teen lounge is now both a fun and functional hangout. It's a great place to kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. It's my daughter's landing-place after school each day.  Once she walks through that door, she's in teenage heaven; her very own Narnia where she gets to … [Read more...]

a teenage dream: the teen lounge

home decor, Lamps Plus, DIY, teen room

Dear Teenage Dream, We didn't mean to leave you alone.  I'm sorry that the only time you saw me was when I needed something from you. Like when I asked you to look after this nightstand until I found a place for it.  Maybe it was asking too much of you to be homework central, and a media room.   I know that you're tired of holdin' … [Read more...]

house beautiful: the “it” factor

home decor, personal style

I am competitive in that I'm always trying to out do myself, especially when it comes to home decor. I don't want a pretty home. I want a show stopping, head turning, love at first sight kind of home. So, lately I've been on a mission to add the "it" factor to my cozy cottage. The first step in the process was creating this style board.   … [Read more...]