120 clever new uses for old things


  I'm a sucker for sentimental value. So, it makes my heart happy when someone is able to find a new use for an old thing. It was love at first sight when I saw this charming ship helm turned into a front door wreath. Buy you a drink?    This trendy little outdoor bar had a former life as a sewing table.   So many vintage treasures … [Read more...]

home organization with Restorganize- a Giveaway!

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In the five years we've lived in this house, the garage has never been organized. For the first year we lived here, we couldn't park either of our vehicles in it. It was easy to forget about as I went about my day inside. But, every time I walked into the garage, I felt put upon. At was if the weight of this disorganized mess rested on my … [Read more...]

stylish storage solution for modems

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It all started with this pin from Anamu. Well, really it started with a thorn in my side that is this modem and the tangled mess of cords that comes with it.  I've tried to forget about it by tucking it in the corner of the desk behind desk accessories and decor.  But, then the internet would lose connection or the t.v. would lose a signal, so … [Read more...]

organizing everything

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Hi!  If you're visiting from Inspiration Cafe, I'm so glad to have you here.  I love making new friends, so make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. Have y'all heard of a Commonplace Book?  It's a kind of like a journal, but it's not a journal.  Instead of writing down your private thoughts or daily reflections, you record anything that … [Read more...]

under construction: please excuse our mess

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I have a confession to make.  The Christmas decorations are still up on the porch.  I'm sure I'll open the mailbox and there it will be; the envelope with the words NOTICE stamped across it in bold, red letters.  I'll rush home to open the ominous envelope and read, 'you have 10 days to take down your Christmas decor.  If you fail to comply, blah, … [Read more...]

Household Organization

I'm so, very passionate about organization.  I believe that all our decorating is for nothing if our homes aren't clean and organized.  I also believe that an organized home makes for a happier home. So, I'm very excited about two incredible, FREE, organization resources that I just discoverd last night. … [Read more...]